iceland-Mid July, 8days trip with 9yo boy-please comment our route/thank you!


Hello everybody,

We are planning a 8 days trip to Iceland starting July 15 with our 9year old son.
Please comment our route, any help would be appreciated!

Day 1:
Arrive in Reykjavik very early morning. Pick-up rental car. Groceries at Smaralind.
Drive to Krysuvik geothermal area, Skatalaug thermal baths
Kleifarvatn Lake
Leidarendi Cave
Accommodation: Kopagovur

Day 2:
Drive to Grundarfjordur.
Boiling eggs in Hveragerdi hotspring
Hveragerði swimming pool
Laugaskarð swimming pool
Thingvellir National Park
Landbrotalaug geothermal pool
Dinner: Bjargarsteinn Restaurant
Accommodation: Grundarfjordur

Day 3:
Kirkjufell Mountain
Laki Tours - Puffin tour
Arnastapi – Gatklettur
Grundarfjordur swimming pool
Grundarfjordur swimming pool
Dinner: Laki Hafnarkaffi
Accommodation: Grundarfjordur

Day 4:
Laki Tours: whale watching-from Olafsvik
Snæfellsjökull National Park
Lysuhoslaug/Lysulaugar geothermal bath
Dinner: Bjargarsteinn Restaurant
Accommodation: Grundarfjordur

Day 5:
Hvammstangi & Vatnsens - Osar (seals), Hvitserkur
Thermal bath Hofsos
Dinner: Veitingastofan Solvik
Accomodation: Hofsos

Day 6:
Skagafjordur - horse riding, Langhus Farm
Drive to Myvatn
Námafjall geothermal bath
Accomodation: Myvatn

Day 7:
Mývatn nature baths:
Krafla - Stora Viti explosion crater
Raudholar lava fields
Vesturdalur ???
Lake Myvatn birds
Namafjall geothermal pool
Accomodation: Myvatn

Day 8:
Hveraborg geothermal pool
Grafarlaug geothermal pool
Austurengjahver geothermal pool
Blue lagoon ???
Accomodation: Keflavik
Departure to Canada next morning.



Hi @mynameiscris !

Nice plan :slight_smile: I tit a small look see :stuck_out_tongue:

For your day 1, I’d consider doing Krysuvík and all that before heading into the city to minimise driving. Also make sure to check the conditions at Skátalaug well, and never attempt to enter Leiðarendi witout a guide. As for groceries :stuck_out_tongue: Go to Bónus. It’s next to smáralind mall but cheaper :slight_smile:

On day 2 I’d consider skipping hverargerði, as it does put quite a loop on your way., Maybe rather enjoy some time in the Borgarfjörður area?
Then, in Snæfellsnes, don’t forget places like Hellnar and Arnarstapi. it’s amazing there! You can also go horseback riding from Lýsuhóll

As for Hofsós, you’re pretty well set though driving from there to Mývatn is a bit long. Also, If you’re not getting someone to book for you you should look into Mývatn accommodation like, NOW (if you can, in Skagafjörður, go to Grettislaug baths, it’s amazing)

In Mývatn, you should not miss places like Dettifoss falls, and take a part of the day to go to Ásbyrgi canyon. Also, if you like, the best whale watching spot in Iceland is Húsavík, which is nearby

There is one huge problem though: planning to drive Mývatn-Reykjavík in one day AND have activities AND do the blue lagoon. - I’d not recommend it. it’s just too far and too much. The roads here are not smooth, and this takes like 6 hours if straight driving. You should consider rather going to the Blue Lagoon upon arrival and then driving atleast half way back the day before your penultimate day.

Hope this helps!