Ice cave tours by Vatnajokull Glacier


Hey all, I want to take the Ice cave tours by Vatnajokull Glacier | Departure from Jokulsarlon. I do not drive - so can anyone please suggest how I can get there?

Thank you!


You should go on a 2 or 3 day tour from Reykjavík, that’s the best way. If you would take a bus to Jökulsárlón then you run into trouble when trying to get to your accommodation afterwards (there’s no accommodation right at the lagoon itself). So really a 2 or 3 day tour is your best option - and you get to see so much more and have great guides to tell you about Iceland on the way.
Here’s a recommended 2 day tour, and here’s a recommended 3 day tour.

You can’t do it in one day if you’re driving, as the drive to Jökulsárlón is around 6-7 hours one way (depending on road and weather conditions, it could take even longer in bad weather). There’s also plenty to see on the way so you’ll want to take your time to stop to admire waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, mountains and beaches.

BUT, if you only have one day (and you’ve got the money to spend) then you can go on a day tour to the ice caves with a flight from Reykjavík to Höfn (and you’ll be picked up at Höfn and driven to Jökulsárlón where the ice cave tour starts). Here’s a link to an ice cave day tour with flight.

Hope this answers all questions :slight_smile: