I forgot bathing suits!


Help! I am going to Blue Lagoon but I forgot my bathing suits. Is there any place I can rent or buy?


You can by it at Blue lagoon or also can rent it their. If you have more time you can check the shopping mall Kringlan their you can by the swimming suits. Also their is shop at Laugavegur are selling swimming suits.


Hi! I second @Anton_Wei’s answer. I forgot my swimsuit as well when I went for the Blue Lagoon and I got to rent one for 700 ISK. They have swimsuits available for rent for men and women from size S to XL! The one I rented was a one piece swimsuit so it is nothing fancy but it is exactly what I need for the day :smiley: I believe they have swimming shorts for men but I did not really notice it at that time.


Thank you! That is what exactly I needed to know. I will rent one :smile:


Hi Kuna - I think yeah, you should rather rent because the problem with buying a suit is that they can be expensive and then the water in the Lagoon is really filled with Silica so it can easily ruin a swimsuit, or at least make it a bit yucky for a while. If you rent you still have to understand they might not look fancy, but that shouldn’t matter because no one can see you in the water. tteh Blue Lagoon is totally blue, so you can’t see what’s under water :stuck_out_tongue:
But if you plan to travel around Iceland, you should get a swimsuit, because there are so many pools!


Yes, you can rent a swimsuit at the Blue Lagoon as well as any swimming pool in Iceland. However, if you are travelling the country, I would say buying swimsuit is necessary as there are so many opportunities to take a dip in the country’s many pools and hot springs.

To buy a swimsuit could be very expensive but you will probably have a lot of chances to use it. In almost every town in Iceland is a geothermal swimming pool with hot tubs, perfect for relaxation after travelling. So buying one instead of renting numerous could end up being less expensive.

There are also many natural hot pools around the country, most of them don’t have any staff around to lend you swimwear, so owning one could be better than taking a dip in your underwear.


Hi Kuna!

I second what people say about buying a swimsuit if you are going to be doing a lot of travelling, since renting them each time really adds up!
Now, as a local, I am very familiar with the difficulty of finding a decent, reasonably priced swimsuit, so here is a short guide: In the sport stores, such as ĂštilĂ­f, you will find nothing but sporty one-pieces made for competing. Lindex however, has one-pieces that are much nicer-looking. For bikinis, you have more options, and can hit all the fashion stores at the malls like Zarah, Topshop etc.
The best way to go about it price-wise would be to visit the second hand and vintage stores in the center, such as Gyllti Kötturinn, Spúútnik and Fatamarkaðurinn - where you can dig through beautiful and unique retro swimsuits for very little money!

Good luck and have fun shopping!


Hi there! renting wasn’t the option for me when i went there 2 years ago! besides sometimes i do worry about renting due to hygienic reasons :frowning: as i am really petite, i tried looking online (not an easy task if you ask me) and i got mine from this brand called pink n proper! tthey deliver straight to my hotel! they have a website so just look them up! they cater big sizes too. hope these tips help!