I don't have any previous experience for activities


My friend and I are considering to join a few tours in Iceland… horseback riding, snorkeling and may be snowmobiling or glacier hiking because where we live do not get snow.
But we are not so sure if we can do these tours… We do not have any previous experience and my friend speak little English.
Can we still join these tours?


Hi @Kuna_Yoon,

Most of the tours offered here are beginner-friendly therefore you would have no problem in joining them.

I’m pretty sure that horseback riding caters to even the absolute beginners since they have different horses to suit different riders and snorkelling tours use buoyancy suits that keep you on the surface of the water.

For the more challenging tours, if in doubt, i recommend you contact the tour companies directly or call them once your here. It is worth mentioning that you need a valid International/USA/European or translated license to participate in some activities ( such as snowmobiling ).

There is absolutely no problem for your friend to join even if he/she speaks little language. Everyone is really friendly and helpful therefore I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time here :).


Thank you Donna! That’s very helpful.
We will try them! Thank you again :smiley:


Horseback riding tours are mostly catered to beginners, and the snorkeling is easy. Just make sure you watch what your guide is doing when putting on the gear that’s needed.

Snowmobiling is also super easy, you just need a driver’s license - and 2 of you will share a snowmobile. Glacier hiking is easy as well, just remember to lift your feet high when walking - the guides will also help you and demonstrate how to do things.

Looks like your English is good - so perhaps you could translate for your friend if she/he is unsure about something? :slight_smile:


You don’t need any experience :slight_smile: it’s ok, they have tours for all levels, so you can just choose an activity and then pick a style that is best suited to your level. If you’re a beginner, just stick to shorter tours, and something you feel comfortable with. That’s what matters most. I’d recommend short horse riding or something like buggy driving. - you’ll need a licence for that likes snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is really easy and everyone can do it :slight_smile: so I’d not bee too worried about that. You will always have good guides with you and they will assist you if you think you’re out of your depth.

I’d recommend beginner glacier hiking, like a short hike at Sólheimajökull or similar, (there are day tours from Reykjavík) where you alway shave guides and never go too far from the safe areas (the tour sare 100% safe, but if you ever feel frightened, they can take you to the parking lot in a jiffy :stuck_out_tongue: )
I totally recommend shorter riding tours though, mostly because if you’re unused to riding your butt might hurt a bit after a long ride, as you’re not used ot the bouncing :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Unnur
Thank you for the recommendation. I did enjoy horse riding.
It was very easy and fun!
Guides were very friendly and told me what to do when I don’t have much experience with horses.
Also told me what not to do, so that is good!

I could not hear sometimes guides’ explanation because they were far away, but it’s ok.
I enjoyed the great view of Iceland! English didn’t matter!