How to pack to go to Iceland in May?


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I booked my flight and I will be in Iceland from May 10th to May 22th but I have no idea what I need to take in my luggage for this period in Iceland…

Any advice ?


Weather in Iceland is unpredictable and can change from hail to sun within the hour :slight_smile: I would recommend to bring waterproof and windproof clothes that are easy to put on and off. Also good shoes, preferably hiking shoes if you have, a hat , light gloves and sunglasses as the sun here can be low for a long time. A toothbrush and underwear are also always good to have :wink:


I highly recommend to bring rainproof jacket and trousers, gloves, warm hat, scarf, and comfortable hiking shoes.

Of course, you also can check this article which written by Icelandic local about what to pack for travel in Iceland :


I highly recommend getting a sleeping mask just in case you are staying somewhere with no curtains as the sun is just up all the time.
I think it goes down at 11:00 pm or something and comes up way too early for anyone. I had that problem myself when I was staying in Iceland.
The hotel I was staying at was missing curtains from the top window and it completely flooded the room with light. I don’t know about you but I need darkness to fall asleep.

Hope this helped. I sure wish some one would have told me haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Pack for rain and pack for shine! Pack good shoes and get ready as it is just as likely to snow one day as it is to be sunny and warm the next. it’s a weird season, when the lands up north are not sure if it’s summer or winter. - We don’t get spring, we just get a weird mix of the two where everything goes nuts for a month and then slowly it decides it’s more summer than wiinter for the time being. it’s a bit weird, I know. Good shoes are always a must and then you will need a really good set of waterproof outer layers. I would recommend jacket and trousers, just to make sure you’re all set and suited.
Also, bring a light hat just in case of it getting windy, specially if you are travelling out of the city. it can get rather nasty out there


Hey there!

As everybody else is warning you that the weather might turn cold, rainy or windy, I must warn you of the sun in Iceland! Bring the whole sun-kit, sunglasses and sun-screen, since the sun here is super sneaky! The ultra-violet rays are extra strong, but because of the chilly air people don’t realise it! I don’t know about you, but I catch a sunburn through the clouds sometimes, just for being out for an hour or so!

Hope this helps! :sunglasses: