How to get to Reykjavík from Keflavik airport?


I’m landing really late and I was wondering how to get from the airport to the city. I head it’s in another town and there are no trains. How’s best to do this? Are taxis expensive?


Yes, taxi is expensive in Iceland. It will cost 16000 ISK ~ 20000 ISK from Keflavik International Airport to Reykjavik. And the taxi cost might be cost more during the midnight and holidays.

You also can take airport shuttle bus:
If you landing really late, please attention the bus departs from Keflavík Airport 35-40 minutes after each flight arrival.
If your flight is the last arrival flight, so you might be need a little bit hurry.


Hi there,

I would avoid to take a taxi. It is convenient but pricy!

There are shuttle buses departing regularly after each flight arrival, you normally do not need to prebook but I would anyhow do so, its just easier and you dont need to stand in a line after your arrival :wink:

There is one bus called Flybus, which I used and Anny mentioned. They can bring you either to your hotel or drip you off at the main bus terminal in Reykjavik (BSI), which is a bit cheaper.

There is also another new provider who does the transport in a minibus and only drives directly to hotels: … this one you would need to book in advance!


Hi guys, thank so much for the advice. I actually ended up doing exacly as you told me and just taking the fly bus and it was super easy and pretty cheap :slight_smile: They drove me to the main bus station BSI and I took a taxi from there. Ok, taxis ARE super expensive! Seriously, it was insane. I just used the bus for the rest of the trip.
But yeah, the flybus was totally easy, I could book it on my phone on the Guide to Iceland site so it was no problem. It only takes like 45 minutes so it’s not like it actually takes longer than a taxi. I didn’t know if just drove directly to the bus station instead of making some strange stops. And it’s not expensive at all. I actually used it again when I was heading to the airport, but then I did take another bus run by the same company that takes you to the Blue Lagoon and then to the airport. That one picked me up at our hotel and we went to the Blue Lagoon, then took another bus to the airport when we were done there. It was all in one ticket and they run on schedule so it was easy and convenient.
All I have to say is that you really should plan to have plenty of time at the Lagoon :stuck_out_tongue: - and it’s kind a weird but the buses to not run to the airport from there after 17:00 or something? Not sure, but it’s not really good for evening flights I think. Ours was pretty early, so it was fine.

Thanks again guys!