How safe is Reykjavik?


Is it safe to walk alone after midnight? I am coming during winter to see Northern Lights and I imagine I will be walking the streets alone late in the evening. Also is there a part of the town which I should not visit/pass?


I’ve never felt unsafe in Reykjavík. It’s a small place, and I mean, sure, use the regular caution (don’t flash cash, and stay in well lit areas, at least so you won’t trip in the possible snow), but it’s a very safe place in general. There’s no part that is ‘dangerous’, but down town can get a bit rowdy on weekends - nothing bad though :slight_smile:


Hi Kuna! I also felt safe in Reykjavik during my time there so I think you should not worry. I was slightly nervous about taking money out of the ATM as the machines are out in the streets and not inside buildings/booths which I am used to, but it was fine! I assume they designed it that way because the city is safe(?) :slight_smile:
And yeah it can get a bit crazy downtown especially during on Friday/Saturday night but with some common sense there should be nothing you need to worry about!


Flashing cash isn’t even a problem!
It’s very safe, just keep your normal wits about you. If you’re travelling alone and going out to bars, make sure you don’t leave your drink on its own (especially if you’re female), keep your eyes on your belongings during the nightlife too. People do sometimes leave their coats in bars because it’s safe, but from time to time jackets or wallets get stolen so don’t think it’s ALWAYS safe :wink:

But generally speaking, Reykjavík is probably one of the safest cities in the world!


Not like anyone flashes cash anyway, everyone’s using cards :stuck_out_tongue:


Ehhh it’s quite safe, sure, especially if you know your way around, but stuff happens in Reykjavík just as in any city. There is always, no matter how small, the chance of mugging, harassment or assault!
Just earlier this year, an Icelandic girl was kidnapped and murdered on her way home from the downtown scene. But since those kinds of incidents are so rare here, the entire nation freaked out about it.
What’s more common is the ‘smaller’ crimes - brawls, assaults, knife fights etc.

But on average, it’s a city that’s safer than most. It doesn’t help to be afraid or take ‘precautions’ like some stupid rape-sticker over your glass. Just keep your eyes open and your wits about you, and have fun!


As people here has stated, Reykjavík (and the whole country) is pretty safe but downtown Reykjavík on the weekends is perhaps the ‘worst’ (although it really isn’t bad).

I’ve gone downtown, by myself sooo many times. And my biggest fear is that somebody might steal my jacket and I have to get home without one (it gets cold in Iceland you know). This has, in fact, happened to me several times (it sucks sooo bad!) but I’ve learned to wear a really bright jacket or something really noticeable. That way, I can spot my jacket from afar :wink:

Another fear is that drunk people might bother me. I’m not necessarily afraid they might hurt me; rather I’m afraid they are going to be super annoying. Sometimes I’m afraid they might try to grope me, but that hasn’t happened in a while. I hope it because people are behaving better and not because people find me gross or something :stuck_out_tongue:

People said ‘don’t flash your money’ and yeah, don’t do that, but if you are using a credit card, be careful to hide your fingers when you enter your pin into the machine. If somebody sees your pin and steal your card, you’ll be in trouble. That has happened at least once, as I saw a news story about it. (don’t you just love Iceland? If a crime that is common in other countries happens here, it will become news).


Yeah, there was a murder earlier this year, and it was an absolutely horrible thing that happened. But it got the whole country talking, and as far as people remember, there hadn’t been a crime of that scale since the early 70s.


I’ve lived in both Edinburgh and London and traveled extensively and Reykjavík is by far the safest place I have ever lived, I regularly walk home by myself in the early hours after a night out and I have never experienced any trouble. As someone else mentions, it’s always good to keep your wits about you in any situation wherever you are but you can really feel safe here. For example, Iceland is one of the few countries I have and do feel comfortable hitchhiking as a lone female traveler.