How much things cost in Iceland?


I am planning to visit Iceland next year and just wondering how expensive things are there. I know that Nordic countries in general share the highest standard of living and the living cost is higher than most of the world, but can anyone give me some more specific idea e.g. how much a bottle of coke or a cheese burger cost so that i can get my wallet prepared right beforehand ;p Cheers!



I can give you one link of our supermarket which is a budget store in Iceland,Name is Krónan and it is usually considered among the cheapest .you will know the general living cost for daily necessities,I hope this information is helpful for you:)

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With all the love to this island, i have to say things are pretty expensive here. Reykjavik, the capital and the only proper sized city (sorry Hafnarfjordur, population of 20000 is just too small to be a city ;p) ranks the 11th on the World’s Cost of Living Index (well look on the bright side, its not even in the top ten, yet.) Here is a list for you to take a quick glance of the cost of living:

A burger from KFC: 1500 ISK (Icelandic Krona)
A meal in an inexpensive restaurant: 2500 ISK
A beer in a bar: 1100 ISK
A bottle of coke in a grocery store: 200 ISK
1 liter of milk in a grocery store: 170 ISK
1 liter of petrol: 200 ISK
A pair of Nike trainers: 20000 ISK

Although goods maybe pricey, the magnificent nature scenes this land offers are free to everyone.
And not to mention the Icelandic water! As you probably have been told a million times, do not waste money on bottled water, drink form tap like a local!


Hi there! Yeah I can attest to the fact that Iceland is not a cheap country. When I was talking to the locals about the prices, one told me only water, electricity, and school fees are cheap in Iceland :confused:
And I definitely agree with @Tony_WWWANG, you can save so much money if you can limit your drinking to water. A bottled water can go between 200 to 400 ISK per bottle! I would also like to add: try to avoid the convenience store 10-11 if you can. They are known to sell goods almost twice the price in supermarkets. Stick to Bonus or Kronan supermarkets for food or Icelandic sweets to take home as souvenirs!


No need the buy the water. Get one bottle and refill it in from the tab. Best water availible :slight_smile: