How much cash should I bring to Iceland?


We’re staying in Iceland for a bit and I don’t know ho much cash we should bring. Can I use USD? Also, are there ATM’s where I can get cash?

I’m trying to travel on budget, but I don’t know how much I should plan to bring with me. I’m staying for a week.


Hi there, I would not say that you need to take cash with you, you can basically pay everywhere and everything in Iceland by credit card, even an apple.

If you want to have some cash you might better get something by using the ATM instead of changing money in your home country or at the airport, unless your bank charges crazy high fees. In regards to changing money you get better rates in Reykjavík than in the airport. Only banks can change money and they are usually only open until 16:00.

USD or Euros are generally not accepted but you might be lucky in some touristy shops, but I would not count on it :-/


Hey there! You can find that almost every store in Iceland accepts payment by card but it is always a good idea to check with your own card company regarding their transaction fee/limit in a foreign country. Some tourist shops/convenience store may accept EUR or maybe even USD, but to be honest carrying Icelandic Krona is really THE safest option of all. There will be ATMs around town where you can also get cash from your card but sometimes the fee is higher than exchanging your USD for the local ISK in the city, so I personally would recommend exchanging your local currency to ISK(and back to USD before your flight) in banks/tourist information centers in Reykjavik. As a reference, 1 meal in a cheap restaurant downtown usually costs about 1000 ISK per person, but usually it costs around 2000-3000 ISK on average.


Hi Rebecca! Did you mean you can use your credit card to buy an apple product or you can use Apple Pay to purchase goods? Thanks!


I think she meant to buy the fruit :stuck_out_tongue: Never seen anyone use Apple Pay here…


Hi Kendra,

I actually really meant an apple fruit, hard to believe but very convenient :wink:


Hey Unnur,

Travelling on a budget isn’t the easiest thing out here, but is possible. I wouldn’t recommend eating out unless its somewhere along the lines of Subway or Noodle Station where you can keep it at about 1000, but thats drinking water with it. If you just go to the supermarket Bonus on your first day and get some cheap basics, however, you will save a lot in the long-run. Itll be a good idea to pack lunches on your days out. If you are staying for a week, you could maybe spend 7,000 ISK or so and manage to have enough food to last you throughout. Then, you only need cash for your plans, be they renting a car, taking tours or souvenir shopping.

Hope that that helps