How do I go by reserving a private flight?


Is there a particular company that I can reach regarding private flights?


You mean like a helicopter or just a flight to some plan? Or a scenic flight? Don’t really know what you mean


Hi Melkorka! It really depends on where you are going. For flights to other cities around Iceland maybe it’s a good idea to get in touch with the folks in Eagle Air? They operate from the Reykjavik Domestic Airport, close to Icelandair Hotel Natura. I think Guide to Iceland also has a deal with them so you can get a flight to Akureyri or Hofn for cheaper than buying straight from the website, but I think you should get in touch with them for further information.


Hey Melkorka!

there’s like a tonne of those tours available for you, both in a helicopter and in a regular plane and in many places, so it would be kind a cool to know where you are going before we start recommending :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, there are different companies and different styles. If you’re staying in the city I think I’d rather go for a helicopter ride simply because then there is a chance of a landing and visiting some places you can not reach by car or foot. there is a really cool operator just by the Hótel Natúra, and you can check them out by following the link here below:

There’s also a lot of other tours so you can look them over, so here is a link for helicopter tours:

And here is a link for a bunch of airplane tours:

There is also a really really cool tour by the operator I listed above that you might want to try. My friend did it a while back and said it was awesome!

So yeah, whatever you choose is going to be cool, but I’d go for a helicopter. There is also an airport at Skaftafell so that you can try that too if you’re in for it. Also, taking a flight is likely the best way to see the highlands as it’s faster than the helicopter, so if you’re planning to visit Lakagígar or something similar you should maybe rather go for an airplane
They also fly from more than one point so it should be fine for you if you are travelling around in general.
They fly from Reykjavík, and then two places on the south coast

For a private flight that’s not really that complex. Some of them actually offer you to just buy private flights right there on the site. If not, Just write to them, you can book it through the messaging system :slight_smile: it’s not complicated at all. Also, like Mita said, just write to Guide to Iceland, they usually can get he tours for cheaper than they are listed at in other places so it might be best for you just to do that.