How can I join the snorkeling tour?


I really want to join the snorkeling tour, but I can swim, can I still join the tour ?


Hi Anton

In order to join a snorkeling tour in Iceland, you need to :

  • Need to know how to swim and be comfortable in the water

  • Height minimum 150 cm

  • Weight minimum 50 kg and fit

  • Not pregnant

  • More than 16 years old

I really really recommend the snorkeling in Silfra in Iceland : this is so beautiful and the only place on Earth that you can swim between 2 continents

Hope it will help you :slight_smile:


Hi Anton. Seeing that you are a snorkeling enthusiast you will probably find this article very helpful:


Hi! I just want to add that the water in Silfra can get quite cold so I personally think that the drysuit snorkeling tour is more enjoyable, especially for beginners. It is not the same snorkeling experience you would get in the tropical sea :wink:
With the drysuit, you should also wear warm thermal underwear(if you have some room in your budget I recommend getting the high quality Janus woolen underwear from Ullarkistan in downtown Reykjavik!). The last time I was there I do not remember seeing any changing rooms so it is also handy to just join the tour with the thermal underwear on you.


Hi Anton, - once it was ok not to be a particularly good swimmer, but now it’s a bit different. there are new laws out os if you want to try snorkelling, I really recommend you contact the companies or some information centre and ask them how the new rules are. Some providers just do not offer to take people unless they can prove that they can swim, but others do not require that. However, if you then go into the water and they see you cannot swim at all, they might just put you up and refuse to let you into the water again. It’s a safety precaution


Hey Anton,

In spite of the drysuits being buoyant, you do need to be able to swim nowadays. You don’t, however, need to be an expert, just comfortable enough in water that you won’t get panicked. This is because the drysuits are cumbersome and unfamiliar to most people, and because the water is 2 degrees Celsius all the way through the year, so many people who think they will be fine still do panic a little bit. I used to run snorkelling tours in Silfra, and really think the changes are for the best as non-swimmers would often be too nervous to relax, and really, that’s what this tour is all about,

Hope that helps


Hello Anton, the best way to join a snorkelling tour, by far, is to research the operator who seems best suited to you, then book beforehand. Snorkeling in Iceland is an incredibly popular activity and in the high season, places are likely to be taken a long time in advance. In the past, people have approached the operators in the car park at Silfra Fissure. However, this causes an incredible amount of problems for the guides who will likely the necessary equipment and kit. An important part of the booking process for many operators is to take details of your measurement, experience and swimming ability, To save yourself from disappointment, visit the website and book before travelling to Iceland.
Good luck, and happy snorkelling.