Going to the ice cave at Jokulsarlon, Iceland. Are my shoes ok?


They’re warm and good, but can I wear crampons on these?

I know they have a heel, but the sole is natural rubber.


Definitely not. You need proper, sturdy hiking shoes with good ankle support.


Hi Unnur,

I’d not recommend wearing the shoes you posted for the Ice Cave tour.
Keep in mind that you’ll be doing a bit of hiking on a glacier.

Here is an example of appropriate footwear for the Ice Cave tours:


Your hiking shoes should be flat (no heels!!!), sturdy and high enough to cover your ankles. Attached is a picture of suitable shoes.

You’ll be walking on ice, and snow, and possibly climbing up or down to reach the ice cave. It’s easy to slip and you should walk carefully, even with the crampons on.


Yeah and you should also make sure that your hiking boot reaches above your ankles to make sure the water does not get in there :slight_smile: That’s the way to know if your shoe is a suitable hiking boot, above ankle and thick, flat sole :slight_smile: