Getting to Ófærufoss Waterfall


Hello, I am wondering exactly how hard it is to get to this waterfall (Ófærufoss) in the Eldgjá canyon, as I understand there is a river crossing. I am renting a 4x4 vehicle.

Thank you!


Hi Erin,

I can confirm that you would have to take the F208 Hihgland road (Northern Fjallabaksleið) to the Eldgjá canyon and then walk from there to Órærufoss. You will have to cross the Nyðri-Ófæra at a wading place which can be quite hazardous (there’s a reason the name of the river means ‘the Impassable Northern River’. You can only cross the river between June and September.

I would recommend that you have a large 4X4 if you wish to attempt it and then you feel 100% comfortable to do so, even better if it has a snorkel feature. Remember, insurance packages do not cover water damage.

I hope this helps!


Hi Erin,

It is also possible to walk up a mountain called Gjátindur to get to the waterfall and thus avoiding the river. This route will provide you with some fantastic views of the Eldgjá canyon, the Lakagígar craters, the mountains around Langisjór lake, and the surrounding area.