Flee market in Reykjavik



I really love to go and buy some stuff in flee market. It would be great if I can find one in Reykjavik!
Icelandic style!
Can anybody tell me about it?
Where and when I can go?

Thanks in advance!


There is a flea market ever weekend din Tollhúsið -it’s a large house close to Harpa concert hall and is called Kolaportið. It’s the best place for knitted sweaters and such, and sticky, sweet liquorice :slight_smile:
You can get in Harborside, there’s a glass door, but if you’re coming from town, it just looks like an office building. It’s close to the Bæjarins Bestu hot dog stand, and the entry is just a small, regular door.
There are some grocery stalls, so it’s the best place for some stuff you can’t get at stores, like shark and fresh whale, and scones and bread from some grannies home bakeries. There’s a lot of junk of course, but it’s a pretty cool place to visit :slight_smile: Mostly old things, not the usual junk you see on street markets!


If you head down to Góði hirðirinn, you’ll find a whole treasure trove of second-hand items. Art-work, clothing, books, furniture, toys, instruments, electrical items, sports gear… you will find it all there. Góði hirðirinn is a large white and green building, found just behind the N1 and Aktu Taktu on Miklabraut. There’s a lot of stuff that would be of no interest to anyone (that’s the joy of flea markets, I say), but I for one have fully decorated my house with interesting artefacts I’ve bought from there. Highly recommend it! It’s open from Monday to Saturday.


Yes! there is a flea market in Reykjavik Downtown called " Kolaportið".
The address is: Tryggvagötu 19 , Old Harbour, Grófin, Reykjavík. It’s really close to the Bæjarins Bestu hot dog stand.
Kolaportið is open only during weekends, 11:00~17:00. :grin:


Hi there! As many people already pointed out, Kolaportið is the most reliable flea market as it is constantly open every weekend throughout the year. However, if you are coming in summer, especially if you are in Reykjavik for the annual Culture Night (Menningarnótt in Icelandic), you can also find a lot of places have an impromptu flea market. The Culture Night is usually held on the first Saturday after the 18th of August as a celebration of the “birthday” of the city of Reykjavík and not only flea markets, you can also expect free concerts throughout town and fashion show among others. The Reykjavik Marathon in the morning of the Culture Night is also a popular event!

The youth center called Hitt Húsið located in the same building as the post office in Austurstræti is also something to look out for. They do somewhat of an irregular flea market, I actually got to go to one last 2016 and its so different from Kolaportið as everyone is young (vendors are all between 16-25 year old) and there is such energy and excitement for fashion! Everyone is dressed to the nines with such personality and character I had fun just looking around :smile:

Another recommendation is also to check out Loft Hostel events as they often have the “Swap Til You Drop” where you can bring something to barter with :sunny:

Either way I think every one of the above will provide you with an opportunity to talk with the sellers and hear stories about the unique pieces they bring, which for me is the ultimate charm of going to the flea market.