Fish Market/ Grocery Market


Is there any place where I can buy local fresh produce, like a fish market?


Hi Kuna,

There are quite a few fish stores all around the country that sell fish :slight_smile: Are you travelling around the country or will you be staying in Reykjavík? In Reykjavík my go to places are Fiskikóngurinn at Sogavegur and Fylgifiskar in Borgartún.

If you are looking for more of a market vibe there is a flea market in the Reykjavík city center called Kolaportið. There are a few fish vendors there :slight_smile: Note that the flea market is only open during the weekend!



Great fresh fish and good cuts of meat at Kjöt og Fiskur on Bergstaðastræti 14, right downtown Reykjavík and close to Bónus supermarket :slight_smile:


For Groceries, try staying away from Hagkaup and 10-11 as they are really expensive. Think the best stores are Krónan and Bónus as they have good selection and are cheaper. Bónus is also located in the city center.


Oh, you should totally go to Kolaportið for whale and stuff. othervise you can go to one of the many fish mongers (there is a nice one at Sogavegur and another at Mjódd) or to the butcher shops (one really nice beef only store at Grandi if you want a steak), but for veggies and so on, you can go to Hagkaup for a really nice selection.
Kjöt og Fiskur is awesome and right downtown as well.
If you want things super fresh, you can always try to get the boats are they come in in the morning and buy directly from the fishermen :slight_smile: that’s kinda cool though I’m not sure where you need to go to do it


Hey Kuna,

The above places are the best to buy fresh fish to take home. If you wish to eat it in a restaurant, however, there are plenty around the Old Harbour that buy their fish fresh every day, such as Mar Bar, Icelandic Fish and Chips (both, as there are two) and Salka Valka, just to name a few. You can even partake in sea-angling tours, where you can catch your dinner, and either prepare it for yourself or take it to Mar Bar, where they will cook it for you! If you are seeking fresh fish in Iceland, you really won’t be looking too long, as fish is one of the two main national dishes, alongside lamb, and Icelanders have high standards for both.

Hope that helps



Hi Kuna!

All the places recommended above are really good, there are fish markets all over in Reykjavík, and you’ll find a section solely for fresh fish inside almoast every supermarket.
What people tend to forget about when they search for fresh fish in Iceland however, is SUSHI! There are wonderful sushi restaurants in the city centre, such as Sushibarinn, Sakebarinn, Sushi Samba, Sushi Train and others. I heard from my Japanese teacher in highschool, who had lived here for a while but grew up in Japan, that the sushi in Iceland is special because the fish is so fresh! She said that even though the chefs and the methods might be better in Japan, the sushi itself could be considered better here for these reasons!

Hope this helps!

Salvör :innocent:


I did not go to Sushi restaurant, but I found vegetables and fuits from Iceland, in Bonus!
That’s so funny that there are tomatoes and cucumbers growing in Iceland.
Also I went to Hlemmur - Mathöll. That was also interesting.

Thank you for advice, everyone!