Fimmvörðuháls Hiking Trail in September?


We are a 5 catalan group and we love Nature and mountains. We have been in Iceland two years ago by motorhome and we love this country.

Now, we will arrive on 31-Aug in Landmannalaugar to hike the Laugavegur+Fimmvörduháls trekking in six days, so, we arrive in Thorsmork on Sep-3.
But, I don’t know if Fimmvörduháls pass is opened in September, because of weather. Do you know?
Also, I’ve seen in videos some exposed passes, and we are not very experts in mountain.
So, is there any guided hike from Thorsmork to Skogar for 3rd-Sep? How much would it cost us?
Anyway, it is a good idea to hike the Fimmvörduháls, or would be better so finish at Thorsmork ?

Anyway, I would appreciate all your answers. Thank you in advance!
Jaume Prenafeta



The Fimmvörðuháls trail is open but it is one of the more dangerous routes in Iceland due to rapid weather changes. Please check the forecast on the day and make sure it is good for the entire days before you set out. There have already this year been a few rescues of people who underestimated the weather.

So if you do this, make sure to bring all necessary gear such as hiking poles, gps, extra layers of clothes, extra food, water, stove and emergency gear such as a bivvy, and make sure you register at Safetravel and perhaps talk to the rangers the day before.

I couldn’t find a guided tour that matches your route but here is a list of all Highland tours, both hiking and super jeep. Perhaps it is best to find something there that better suits your needs