Driving in Iceland


I plan to go for a ring road trip in the summer time around July or August. Is it possible to go all around the ring road with any type of cars?


Yeah, you’ll be fine in July or August :slight_smile: The west fjords might be a tad difficult, but parts of the roads there are just gravel, and it’s always better to have a 4x4 if you’re leaving Route 1, regardless of the season. There’s also a gravel part in the east fjords. Also, if you want to do any ‘off the beaten track’ things, you totally need a 4x4.
I’d actually recommend a larger car if you’re not used to driving on narrow or non-asphalt roads


You can drive the ring road with any kind of car - but make sure you take some detours as well (such as to Seyðisfjörður, Siglufjörður, Húsavík, Dettifoss - and if you have time you should go to Snæfellsnes as well, and if you have even more time then you should drive to the Westfjords) :slight_smile: Enjoy!


Like the answers above say, any car should be fine for the ringroad. If you are planning off-road travel, you will want a 4X4. I also recomment one if you are going over mountainous regions, such as the Westfjords, if you are unfamiliar with driving in icy, foggy, or unpredictable conditions, as I have been on roads here in summer and the weather caught us by surprise and we got stuck.