Do I need to bring Wi-Fi box to Iceland?


I will drive around Iceland in the summer, but I was wondering is all hotel in Iceland has wifi do I need bring wifi box with me to Iceland ? Witch is better us the local sim card with 4G or bring wifi box to Iceland by my self ?


Hi Anton

I think you don’t need to bring your wifi box in Iceland with you. Iceland is one of the most well equipped in wifi public access.
Reykjavik city has a public wifi in all the city and most of hotels in Iceland offer free wifi so you could have internet easely.

If you want to have internet on the road I definitively recommend you to buy a prepaid SIM Card with 4G : it is cheap and works pretty well !


If you are going to be on the road, it is nice to rent a 4G internet box ether from the car rental or other locations here in Iceland. If you just need it for day-to-day use, get a icelandic Sim card with data roaming to use on the phone, but for the car would be best to rent one.
Most hotels and guesthouses have internet so I don´t really thing you need to worry about that :slight_smile:


Hi Anton! Most car rentals actually offer wifi boxes with the rental for a small fee, and most of Iceland has 3G / 4G connection. You can buy a data or a SIM card for your phone here and things should be alright for you even though you don’t bring or rent a box.
The only thign is if you plan to go to the mountains I would actually reomend that you get a GPS device rather than a phone because they use satellite and this they are always connected. while the phones are affected by the environment,


Hey Anton,

The advise here is pretty sound, but as one point I think it is important to reiterate is that it is wise to bring a wifi box or rent one from your car rental company if you are planning on travelling across mountain passes or through highland areas, especially if it is outside of the height of summer. I had a car accident in the mountains of the Westfjords in a snowstorm; the signal wasn’t good enough to reach the emergency services, and there was no wifi to contact them with that way. You don’t want to be trapped somewhere like that without a way of reaching help. A snowplough ended up rescuing me, but I don’t want to know what would have happened if they didn’t.

Hope that helps



You’ll get free wifi almost anywhere in Reykjavík city, and most of the hotels in the country offer free wifi. So if you only need the internet for checking in, posting updates on Facebook or Instagram that should be enough.

But if you are travelling and want to get online in the middle of nowhere to post your photos online, or do something else, I’d recommend getting a local SIM card with a pre-paid card and data. You can get those at any phone store in Reykjavík; there are a few in the shopping malls Kringlan and Smáralind as well as the shopping street Laugavegur. You can also buy it at any post offices around the country.


Another option is to use Trawire hotspot. You can use up to 10 devices. It has good reviews.
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