Do I need to book my trip to Iceland in advance for next summer?



I am preparing my trip to Iceland next summer. I would like to come in July for 10 days and travel all around Iceland. Do I need to book my accommodation, car and tours in advance or I can I just book it when I am in Iceland?


Hi, Emilie.

You should definitely book well in advance and the sooner you book the better, in fact. You will have the best price further in advance and you will have more choice of availability. You should note that some tours are really popular and the seats are limited, and the same goes for cars and accommodation. So, yes, try to book as much as possible well in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Emilie!

Yeah, I would recommend that you book well in advance! It’s super busy in Iceland over summer and the best parts book up really quick. It’s really not a good idea to try and book when you’re here. Also, if you plan ahead, it’s going to be cheaper, so it’s always really smart to book like six months in advance. Then you also have more to choose from :slight_smile:


I mean, I think you could book some tours like whale watching last minute but not sure why you would do that… it only makes things more stressful when you are already here and want to enjoy your vacation :wink: When it comes to accommodation and car rental definitely book it asap!


Travelling in Iceland is not the same as travelling around mainland Europe or in the other continents of the world. Iceland is a rather small island, with a very small population but high numbers of tourists. Iceland’s population is outnumbered by tourists every year, and summer and Christmas are the high seasons. Not just the tourists use summer for travelling, but most of the locals as well.

This means that there are limited hotels, limited spaces on tours, limited cars, limited seats in restaurants, limited everything. Although you can normally find a way if you are trying to be spontaneous in Iceland, it’s not really recommended for tourists that have limited time in the country (unless you don’t mind spending most of your time in a tent, don’t care what type of car you get and don’t mind if you go on tours or not). Being flexible is they key in that case.

If you know you definitely want to rent a car, and definitely want to go on some tour or do some activity, and you definitely want to stay in a guesthouse or a hotel, then you should book it as far ahead as you can to have more options and availability :slight_smile:


Yeah, totally agree! And when people are travelling in high season, like summer or February, and over Christmas, it’s just crazy! Book far in advance! I’d really recommend something like 6-9 months really, just to be perfectly sure. Also, this is super important if you’re travelling with a group and you want to stay in the same place and stuff.
Iceland has this weird thing where prices rise every year and then just don’t get lower again, so actually if you’re coming in a year, you should just book now and save some money :slight_smile: