Do I need an international driving license in Iceland?


I am heading to Iceland next summer and was told I needed an international driving license, is that correct?


All driving licenses issued in Europe and the US are valid in Iceland but other licenses will need to be accompanied with an international license or an official translation document


This is correct information! So if you are coming from China for example, you just need to have an official translation of your license with it, not an international driving license BUT the rules are changing and soon you will need to have an international driving license if your license is not European or North American.

Also, you need to be at least 20 years old to rent a 2WD car, but 23 years old to rent a 4WD car.
Find useful information about driving in Iceland here, and how to drive Iceland safely here.


Nah, I think you only need a regular one. If it’s not in English, you should have a paper with you that translates what stands there :slight_smile:



Just bring your official, regular driving licence, and check out these options for renting a car:

I really recommend renting a camper, it’s the best way to travel around the island if you’re an experienced driver! It means you can totally decide where to go and what to do, without being confined to accommodations or bus schedules.