Daylight hours in August


Hi All!

Will be planning to head down to Iceland from 02 August to 16 August.

Just want to check if it ever gets dark during this period, such that artificial lights are needed to illuminate the surroundings?

We are planning to head down to the attractions all over Iceland during this period for photography work, so the amount of light present is very important to us.

We have asked various people and googled other websites - and all of them tell us a different story.

Would be very appreciative if someone who has travelled to Iceland during this period can help us in this information!




Hi Hamm,

Although the sun doesn’t really go down in the height of summer, in August you can expect some hours of near darkness, or ‘nautical twilight’ as it is called.

I would recommend using this calculator:

Between the twilight hours of the early morning, approx. 2-4 AM you might need artificial lights but I would argue against using any artifical lights while in Iceland as the natural light a large part of what makes photography so special in Iceland.