Currency in Iceland


Can I use USD everywhere instead of changing to krona?


No, some locations except foreign currency, but that is an exception. I would advice you to use your card as much as you can, as all locations except cards. But if you prefer using money, exchange it in the airport before arrival as it can be hard to do so in Iceland.


I traveled in Iceland for about a week last year by myself and I found No cash needed for traveling.
I used my credit card for everything, such as food, entrance fees, hot dogs,Everywhere you will find card machine is prepared.
I don’t even know how the Iceland Krona looks like :slight_smile:


Yeah do not rely on USD or Euros in Iceland, ISK will always be the safest option. But then again almost all shops accept card payments as @Susie_Shin mentioned so no need to worry about exchanging money! I would also recommend checking the limits and regulations for transactions abroad with your card company before your trip. Don’t want to get your card rejected in time of need :wink:


Hi Unnur

You can’t use USD dollar everywhere but ISK (icelandic krona) : the local currency in Iceland.

Before your trip I advise you to check with your bank how much they charge you for foreign transaction. Indeed the credit card is the most common way to pay in Iceland : even for the smallest amount (there is usually no minimum to pay by credit card) and every shop take it.

If you prefer to have cash, you can have some krona only when you arrive in Iceland. You can exchange it at the airport, at a ATM or bank in Reykjavik (just make sure to check the opening hours)


Hi guys! Thanks for the advice. I decided to take a bit of cash at the airport, just to be able to say that I actually saw some Icelandic money while I was there. After that I really didn’t need it. I didn’t use any ATM’s, I just paid by card during my whole stay. it was really easy and some places even have currency converters so it’s it’s pretty neat.
I even went to a general store and bought a bottle of coke and paid an equivalent of like 2 Usd with a card. it seems very easy. They do have the PIN thing though, and the touch pay a lot. Some people in the stores look at your strangely if you have to sign the slip. it seems like they’re pretty ‘plastic oriented’. We were staying at an AirBnB and ordered a pizza, bad even they carried a POS machine, and could even split payment between cards.
The good thing is also that if something happens we were insured because of the card. I’d actually recommend to people to just use cards instead of always using cash, also because it’s easy to loose cash or for it to get stolen (not like Iceland is a dangerous place, haha) while a card is just way easier :slight_smile: