Cost of a beer in Iceland?


We’re visiting in November to do some sightseeing and see the wildlife and would of course like to sample the local food and drink scene; I’ve heard it’s really expensive there though, any idea what we can expect to pay for food and drinks?


Hiya Scott,

Alcohol is expensive here in Iceland but there are certain ways around it. Most places will have a happy hour so you can check for these times and plan pub visits around discounted rates. This applies to most hotels in the countryside too.

We have an article on Happy Hours in Reykjavík:

This is a useful app:

You can buy alcohol as you arrive in Iceland at the duty free which is in the baggage reclaim area of the airport. Alcohol is significantly cheaper here and it is highly recommended you shop here upon your arrival should you wish to save money.


Great app, thanks for sharing Katrin, looking forward to saving a few £ thanks to your advice! :slight_smile: