Cheap traveler! Any meal under 1000 ISK in Reykjavík?


Hey there! Any recommendations for good cheap food in Reykjavík? I’m trying to save money on food and spend it on rental cars and hotels…I also would not be able to cook in my hotel room. Let me know if you have any suggestions, preferably under 1000 ISK per meal :sweat_smile:


Hey Mita,

Eating out is a bit expensive in Reykjavík, you’ll be hard pressed to find a meal under 1000 ISK. The bakeries are pretty cheap for a little sandwich; the chain Jói Fel and other establishments named ‘Bakerí’ will probably be your best bet. Near the Old Harbour there is great little café called the Cuckoo’s Nest which is very reasonable, if not quite in your budget, and you can get vegetarian noodles for less than a thousand at Noodle Station. Otherwise, you’ll be best trying bar/restaurants like Lebowski, where you can grab a cheap burger. If you need to stay more on budget, sandwiches from the supermarket are affordable.

Hope that helps



Thank you for your suggestions! I would definitely check Noodle Station and the bakeries out :smiley:


You can get hot dogs for a few hundred ISK. You’ll need a few to be full though!

Other than that, sandwiches, fruit and snacks from supermarkets are under 1000 ISK. Also slices of pizza in some pizza places (and the slices can be pretty big, like a 1/4 of a large pizza!) I think a 1/4 pizza at Devito’s is 800 ISK.

If you’re trying hard to save money, maybe you should stay at hostels instead of hotels? The hostels are quite nice and you can get private rooms if you don’t fancy sleeping in a dorm.


Oh my! 1/4 of a large pizza sounds like a great deal!! I will be popping by Devito’s when I’m downtown!

And yeah hostels are cheaper but then I’ll miss out on the all-you-can-eat breakfast haha :smile:


Go to Bæjarins Bestu - the hot dog wagon!


Thank you for the Baejarins Bestu suggestion! I tried their hotdogs on my last trip in Reykjavik and they were good and cheap, but I really can’t say they were enough for me to last until dinner time.

We found out that The Deli and Subway are also great places for affordable hot meals! And it helps also they are smack dab in the middle of downtown, next to each other :smile:

  • at Subway we got the sandwich of the day(12 inches) at 990 ISK and filled it up to the brim with toppings
  • at The Deli we got the lasagna that came with 2 pieces of garlic bread at 1790 ISK
    Both meals I shared with my husband. The size was generous enough to keep us full! The pizzas at The Deli were also nice and they ran it through the oven as soon as you ordered so it’s nice and warm :yum:

And you guys were really right on spot with the supermarket sandwiches! I believe the brand is Sómi? Their sandwiches are quite good for their price, I really like the Hangikjöt(some kind of ham?)! Also I noticed some items are cheaper in Kronan than Bonus, I really thought Bonus were the cheapest supermarket of all! :fearful: It’s good to look around for the best prices.