Car rental suggestion for 4 person with 4 luggages


Is it possible to provide us some car rental suggestions for 4 women with 3 or 4 luggage (maybe 24’ or 26’ inch) ? We prefer 4WD, auto.
Thank you! :grin:


Hey Anny,

I’ve been looking through our car rentals, and I think the following vehicles would suit your needs for the least cost:

For more options, there are more jeep options here:

And minbus options here if you fancy more comfort and style:

Hope that helps, and you guys have a great trip!



OK, I recommend that you get in touch with the people as they are really super awesome in this. They can set you up with something easily, and usually know what sort of car you need. A frind of mine did a round tour a while back and they got her a car for a group of 7 without any problems :slight_smile:
Are you looking to go into the highlands because that would be something you need to decide before you rent a car so that you will not accidentally get a car that is unsuitable for highlands and F-roads.
I recommend getting either a Santa-Fe or a Rav4, those are really good to drive and can go on easy F-roads without any problems, though I’d not recommend taking them on the high roads, and whatever you do do not try to cross any rivers. it’s always better to be safe. I’d always of course recommend LandCruiser, because they are super awesome and really safe, but you might feel uncomfortable driving a car as big as that of you do not have much driving experience, and also because the road sinIceland are pretty narrow.