Can I bring an umbrella for rainy day?


So I read a lot about Iceland and rainy weather. Can I simply bring my umbrella or do I really have to get all water proofed from head to toe?


Hi @Kuna_Yoon!

You’re more than welcome to bring your umbrella, should you wish to do so however, due to the unpredictable weather and sometimes strong wing, it is recommended that you get some appropriate rain gear.

If you’re going on some sightseeing/adventure tours an umbrella won’t be helpful therefore a waterproof jacket and pants are quite necessary to keep you dry, happy and make the most out of your holiday here :).


Thank you @Donna_Tzaneva
We will get ourselves ready with waterproof jacket and pants. We don’t want to get soaked and ruin the trip.


Hi Kuna

Iceland is a windy country in general so if you care about your umbrella I will suggest you more to bring some rain clothes :slight_smile:

(at least it can’t break easely with the wind)


Hi Kuna,

With all the wind here, I would not bother to bring an umbrella as the rain is coming from the side anyway :slight_smile:


An umbrella can´t hurt but being dressed in waterproof clothes is much safer.


I’d really not recommend an umbrella, as it tends to rain sideways around here. The wind is strong and most umbrellas break after slight use. it works fine in the city (most of the time) but in general, I’d just recommend getting a poncho, or, if you will be travelling a lot, proper rainproof gear. You can get it in the city, and it’s totally worth it. Also, get really good shoes, because the ground outside the city very often gets very wet and muddy so it can easily ruin regular shoes.
I’d recommend a over jacket and trousers, honestly, if you’re outside the city and a waterproof overcoat if you’re in the city.


A sure way to spot a tourist here in Iceland is to look for those trying to use an umbrella in the rain. A fun activity on a rainy day is to look out the window at those trying to keep their umbrella straight and wonder whether they might take off into the air like Mary Poppins.

As most have said on this thread, it can get really windy here so usually an umbrella is pretty useless. The water doesn’t come down vertically, but rather horizontally due to the wind. Waterproof clothing is the best way to go, or just embrace the rain and being wet.

A fun way to spot an Icelanders abroad is to look for those who walk around in the rain without an umbrella, looking mesmerised by the vertical downpour.


Hey Kuna,

Like everyone has suggested, the wind makes using an umbrella difficult. In the summer months, Iceland is still prone to showers and the wind is a little tamer, so you might find some use for one then. If travelling in winter, however, it will just be a hassle so stick with windproof, waterproof clothes. Some parts of the country are more sheltered than others, so you could also maybe bring one to places such as Þórsmörk, which has notably calmer weather than the surrounding area.

What’s probably best, however, is to simply focus your mindset on not letting a little rain spoil a moment of your holiday, and just to embrace Iceland’s crazy weather as part of your experience.

Hope that helps,



That really depends on the actual weather there. Bubble umbrellas are OK if the weather is not too bad, say, stormy or with strong wind. So the safest solution is put on the raincoat and double secure with some cute rainy day outfits like waterproof boots or watershoes.