Boat Tours in the Glacier lagoon (Jokulsarlon)


Boat tours are one of the highlights of the glacier lagoon during the summer months (Between May and September). There are two varieties of boat tours offered, one are the cheap, no frills amphibian boat tours that last around 45 minutes and the more expensive but more thrilling Zodiac RHIB boats that last for around 60 minutes.

The main difference is that the zodiacs allow for 12-14 people and get closer to the glacier and the amphibian boats offer an family friendly relaxed tour around the icebergs for 20 people.

Both tours are in high demand so while you can go there are book the amphibians, you will nearly always have to pre-book the zodiac ride.


Hi Francisco

Thank you for the information I will definitevely book one of those when I will visit Jokulsarlon. The location seems just so beautiful !!!


Hi @Francisco_Rojas ! The boat tour is such a great idea and I will definitely consider taking the boat tour when I will be around the south coast again. Just one question, I remember how the weather was in Iceland during my time there and I’m wondering if the tour will still be conducted if it is raining? Just so I know what my options are if the weather is not on our side…


Do remember to book in advance though! They get a lot of requests and just arriving there might not be enough to secure a spot in the same day!


Tours do run even if it is raining - They do stop if there is heavy wind though - Security first!


Yeah, I’ve bene on a boat there, and it was amazing! They do run even though it is raining, but it’s ok, because of it being a lagoon and rain doesn’t affect it much. However, they will cancel if there is a lot of wind. It’s really nice there at the Lagoon. I’ve bene on both amphibian and a zodiac and I liked the zodiac more because it was faster. The amphibian is more for you if you like taking pictures and enjoying relaxing. It’s greta too, though, don’t get me wrong! That’s just me, I like a thrill. I think it doesn’t matter much which one you take, as long a syou do. :slight_smile: because it’s amasing and you really really shouldn’t miss this!


Hey Francisco,

I agree about the boat tours; its especially cool that you can stop to taste the ice of the bergs on the journey. I also really liked that the seals were not at all afraid of the boat, with one coming closer to have a little look at us.

I did a boat tour the third time I went to the lagoon, but I will say that if you are travelling outside of summer or in bad weather, it is absolutely still worth the drive over even if you have to stay on the shore. Being immersed amongst the icebergs is very cool, but it is still incredibly mesmerising to watch them from the shore. We sat for hours just watching them slowly move and turn in the water, listening to the almost organic sounds they were making.