Best website/application to check weather in Iceland


I’ve heard that the weather in Iceland changes a lot. And sometimes it results blocking roads in the winter time, Feb. to Mar.
Can you recommend the best website or application to get updated with weather?


Hi Susi,

When it comes to the forecast weather I,ve been told to check it out at website. Travel safe website also provides information on it. When it comes to road conditions: website is the one I look at.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


Hi Susie

To check the forecast in Iceland, I will suggest the website

You can check the website in English and it will give you a lot of details. Just remember that the weather changes a lot and quickly in Iceland so the forecast for one week in advance is too far to give you a correct one. Just check for the next 2 days in general.

To check the road conditions in Iceland, I suggest you to go on website : the conditions are done in direct live so it could help you a lot.
It is always good to check it before going on the road

With those 2 websites, you can be sure you will be less surprised by the icelandic weather :wink:


Hello there!

It’s true, weather in Iceland can be temperamental, somewhat volatile and, dare I say, often unforgiving. That’s not to suggest it lacks beauty, however, and is often liable to change within minutes.

With that being said, there does come a sense of mistrust in the weather forecasts (though I’m sure the meteorologists do their absolute best, the poor souls.) Below I have compiled a few forecast sites that may or may not indicate what is going on outside at any given moment.

I hope that helps and you manage to stay one step ahead of the weather during your stay!
All the best


Hey Susie! You should likely also check pages like the one of Vegagerðin ( THE ICELANDIC ROAD AND COASTAL ADMINISTRATION ) at www. vegagerdin. is or in English at www. road. is - because they assist not only with the weather but with the road conditions that can change fast. They have webcams on the most travelled roads and also have constant updates on all registered roads, road closings and any sort of change in the system. Also, they have around the clock phone number that you cna call to check everything, which is 1777
Othervise www. vedur. is is the best. That is the official Met Office so you can trust what they say petty well. they are as accurate as it gets for Iceland. The problem with accuweather and other foreign sites is that they often forget to factor in the wind and the effect it has on the weather in general, but a lot of the cold in Iceland is a direct effect of the wind, not the actual ‘air temperature’.
Have fun and just remember to dress well!