Best beer in Iceland



I want to try some craft beers when I come to Iceland, what are the best specialities and where should I go to try them?



Best craft beer bars are Mikkeller, Skúli and Micro bar. Bryggjan brugghús is also a fairly new brewery in town and they have a nice sampling beer menu. Go there and ask the bartenders for the current specialities.

There’s also a place called the Beer Garden, but I haven’t been there so not sure which beers they offer, it’s a little further out of town (in a hotel close to Hlemmur) - in Icelandic it’s called Bjórgarðurinn.

Kex hostel also hosts a Beer Festival each year, with breweries from around Iceland (and around the world) introducing their newest beers :slight_smile:

Happy drinking!


Hi there! My husband is an avid fan of Icelandic craft beers and when we went on a drive around the country we came upon this brewery called Brugghús Steðji. They are located in the vicinity of the Hvalfjörður so if you are not in a hurry and you are not taking the toll road I definitely recommend visiting them! I believe they open the brewery to all in summer, but they also cater to group visitations in winter with request.
When we were there my husband tried a sip of the whale testicle beer(!!!) which was apparently one of their most popular seasonal creations! I believe the guy mentioned it was made to accompany the Þorri month when Icelandic people way back when used to eat, among others, whale testicles smoked with sheep dung(?). Our visit turned out to be more of an eye-opening cultural experience, rather than just the normal beer tasting haha :smiley:
Of course they also have other more “normal” beers! There was this beer made with strawberries grown in the nearby greenhouse, and also the milk and chocolate beer which my husband was very fond of :smile:


Hey there guys,

Thanks very much for all the advice! I am certain that I will never be trying the whale-testicle brew (call me small-minded), but have enjoyed the many others. In my hunt for special beers, I also found Kaldi bar had a unique drinks list, with many flavours I would try again. Having been in Iceland for a while now, I also have enjoyed the festive beers that come out, such as for Christmas and Pride. It’s very charming how many of the beers include local ingredients and flavours; like you say Mita, it feels like it adds to a cultural experience. I am quite surprised too by the wealth of choice available.

I still need to go to the Brugghús Steðji brewery, especially considering its proximity to Reykjavík. I have heard many good things from several sources about them now.

Just wondering, have you guys got any extra advice on special spirits or anything? I have tried Brennivín but I can’t stand the taste of caraway; anything else you would suggest?

Thanks a lot for taking the time out to reply to me!



Hey! There are many great beers brewed here in Iceland. Many of my favourites come from Borg, like Úlfur (an IPA) and Snorri (an ale made with arctic thyme). It’s not that small and owned by a bigger brewery but they make some great beers. If you want some strange but interesting beers I would take a look at the ones from Ölvisholt both Sjkálfti and Móri are good! The Kaldi beers are always good as well :slight_smile: You can buy those at Vínbúðin, the vine store but the Icelandic bar also has all of the Icelandic beers available and a nice atmosphere!