Are there any possible activities for a 1 year old in Iceland?


An acquaintance is bringing their infant to Iceland. What options does she have when it comes to tours?


Uh, I wouldn’t really recommend travelling with kids that young outside Reykjavík. You might bet better off in the city. Not evenn sure they let kids that young go on whale watching tours…
You can’t go into the Blue Lagoon until you’re 2 year old, and most adventure trips have age limits. But you’ll be fine in the city :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time to reply Unnnur.
I read something about a Family and Park Zoo situated in Laugardalur. It seems there is a petting zoo there so I think that could be a good pick for the infant :slight_smile:


Hi Melkorka!

I just wanted to inform you that yes, the Family and Park Zoo in Laugardalur is ideal to bring a one-year old along! It’s situated within the city and has no real age limit as long as the child is accompanied by an adult.

The zoo is not really a zoo in the traditional sense, since it includes few wild or exotic animals. The family park that is connected to it includes a lot of rides and activities for children of all ages - as well as great locations for picknicks, food stands and coffee shops!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi, Melkorka.

As Unnur said, there is an age limit to most, if not all tours but there are plenty of activities in Reykjavík you can do with a one-year-old. And I’m sure you can do a lot of those things in larger towns such as Akureyri.

In the Laugardalur area, where the Family Zoo and Park are located is a wonderful botanical garden. There are also numerous cafés; my favourite one is Kaffi Laugalækur. It is very family-friendly, it has a little play area for toddlers. It also has THE BEST food ever! Amazing sourdough pies (have you tried plokkfiskur fish stew? Well, they have a pizza version of that, it is out of this world!!).

Even though the Blue Lagoon has an age limit, the many geothermal pools around Iceland do not. The Queen of all pools is the Laugardalslaug swimming pool. You and your friend can play with the little tyke in the shallow end of the pool or relax in one of the colder hot tubs.

The most kid-friendly pool in Reykjavík (or the greater Reykjavík area) is Lágafellslaug in Mosfellsbær. It is a bit far from the city’s centre, but it has been voted the best family pool in the area. You can read more about pools in the Reykjavík area here:

There are numerous playgrounds in Reykjavík where you can play for free such as in Laugardalur (yes, I like that area) and Klambratún park. In the afternoon and on the weekends when the kindergartens are closed, you can use their play area as well.

There are also some great shows for kids such as Sirkús Ísland’s circus show. You can check out tickets here: (don’t click on ‘Skinnsemi’ that’s for adults only)