Any nice ice cream places in Iceland?


Is it common to have ice cream in Iceland since it is so close to the North Pole and the climate seems pretty chill all year around? Are there any must-go ice cream places to recommend?


I highly recommend ValdĂ­s ice cream shop.It is really unforgettable memory for me,the taste very unique and yummy,especially cherry is my favoritebut this one not often in shop,others also delicious,there is also sale some low calorie ice cream,the taste still good.and this shop very popular in local,lots of people crowd in this shop and waiting ice cream in queue,so this shop is best one in my mind.


ValdĂ­s ice cream shop in Grandi area by the harbour in ReykjavĂ­k is fantastic and with a good selection of Italian style gelato ice creams, the selection changes daily.

Joylato is also a great choice, and is more central (close to HallgrĂ­mskirkja church). They use liquid nitrogen to make their ice-cream.

You can also get more traditional soft-ice cream at ÍsbĂșĂ° VesturbĂŠjar (West Town Ice Cream Shop). It’s right next to the swimming pool in the west part of ReykjavĂ­k, VesturbĂŠjarlaug, and it’s a great combo to go swimming first and have an ice cream afterwards! :slight_smile:


Icelanders are weird, and eat Ice cream whenever they can, regardless the weather :slight_smile:ValdĂ­s on Grandi is awesome (I love the salted caramel and peanuts icecream, and the cinnamon biscuits one) - and then the ‘old styled’ ice cream you can get at ÍsbĂșĂ° VesturbĂŠjar and Brynja (in Akureyri). There’s a lot of soft serve ice cream, and it’s more popular than the regular scoop type.
One thing they do is a flurry like think (been around for aaaages) where you pick different sorts of things to add into your ice cream. I like mine with strawberries, coconut marshmallow, mars bars and daim :slight_smile: It’s called Bragðarefur


I will highly recommend ValdĂ­s, the best ice cream in Reykjavik in my mind! They have almost 20 flavours everyday and often create new flavours. :yum:

BrynjuĂ­s in Akureyri of North Iceland also can be thought the best ice cream in Iceland. I like the soft ice cream most and it tastes really creamy. :relieved:


Valdis Valdis Valdis.

You won’t regret it.


Valdis for sure ! Best ice creams in town !

If you are allergic to milk, I also recommend Joylato : you can choose coconut base instead of cow milk !

Enjoy :wink:


Valdis also has vegan choices. Usually 6 vegan flavors everyday.

They are on the right hand side (when facing the ice cream fridge) and the vegan flavors are marked with a (v) in the end.



But the vanilla- caramel and peanuts is totally the best!


I have a new favourite in town, Ísleifur heppni inside Hlemmur Food Hall! They use liquid nitrogen so the ice cream is really creamy and nice. Also lots of great food to be had inside the Food Hall if you need something tasty before your ice cream :slight_smile:
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