Any must-try new restaurants in Reykjavik?


I’m on a hunt for new restaurants to try out in Reykjavik.

Wondering anyone has some recommendations for me?
Any type of restaurant is welcome. Fine dining, street food, traditional, modern, brunch, breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night bites, anything that’s worth a try.

Thanks in advance!


Hi! Dill restaurant has been THE restaurant to check out after they got the Michelin star this February, but with that I think it will be even harder from now on to book a table there (i heard something about a 2 month wait list?).
My favorite brunch spot in Reykjavik is SNAPS and you’ll see why once you’re there. They have an amazing menu and the atmosphere is just perfect. Reykjavik can be quite windy sometimes so al fresco dining is a bit hard to do, but there are few things more memorable during my time in Reykjavik than sitting in the cozy sunroom in SNAPS surrounded by green plants with my husband.
If you’re coming in summer, Flóran Café is also a must visit! The thing is that the cafe is a bit hard to reach without a car so you need to consider that as well.


Thanks you so much!

Luckily I’ve tried Dill last winter. Guess it’s gonna be difficult to get a reservation from now on. I was planning to try them again since they change their menu seasonly or something.

Thanks again!


Yeah, I’ve been trying to get a good reservation at DILL for ages! Bt apparently they’re very much worth it.
I love SNAPS as well for brunch, but if you like something different, Aalto Bistro is really fun in a back-in-time Scandinavian way.
Don’t know abut outdoor dining, but some cafés have a nice balcony or a veranda. Babalú has a bacony with very lovely view :slight_smile:


ROK is new from this year. They have a nice menu with small dishes and some traditional Icelandic recipes revisited. It’s just in front of the big church!


The little black house, right? They also have really awesome cocktails!


There are LOTS of new restaurants in Reykjavík - but have you been to all the classic ones already? :wink:
Some of the newest ones are Matwerk, Mathús, Essensía and Jörgensen. Rok is also fairly new, as well as Sæta Svínið. And Burro is supposedly amazing! (It’s below the popular Pablo Discobar club) - I can’t wait to try that one. There’s also Mathús Garðabæjar and Von Mathús in Hafnarfjörður (‘Mathús’ seems to be the ‘it’ word this year). Oh and Bazaar Oddsson and Geiri Smart and Haust (all hotel restaurants).

Some of the (slightly older) classics are Kol, Kopar, Matur & Drykkur, Vox, Grillmarket, Fishmarket, Snaps, Sushi Social, Matarkjallarinn - and have you tried the Indian food at Austurlandafjelagið? I also heard there are great steaks at Steikhúsið.

For super fine dining there’s obviously Dill, as well as Grillið and Gallery at Hótel Holt.

I’m totally leaving a lot out - check out this article about the best restaurants in Reykjavík :slight_smile:


Fish Market all the way :smile: Really love the food there and good service also. Would live there if I could!


In 2017 Hlemmur Mathöll food hall opened, and just a week ago (June 2018) another food hall opened in Grandi. There’s also a street food market in Skeifan (Box market) that’s open in June and July. All three have various different cuisines to check out :slight_smile: