Advice needed for snowmobile tours : best glacier?



I was thinking to do a snowmobile tour in Iceland during my trip but I noticed that there are lots of tours and lots of different glaciers : Vatnajokull, Langjokull, Mýrdalsjökull…

Which one do you recommend ??

Thanks !!!


Hey @Emilie_Pasquet! If you’re in the city, and are looking for a day tour out, then a trip to Langjökull would be best. If you drive yourself you can check this tour here:
You can also go on a Golden Circle tour that ends with a snowmobile trip :slight_smile: -

If you’re going further, then I’d rather say Mýrdalsjökull than Vatnajökull. But if you want to go at Mýrdalsjökull there is this trip :

You’ll always have t go with a guide and on a tour. It’s not smart to go the glaciers yourself.
Have fun!


I once did a snowmobile tour on Langjökull and it was amazing! I really would recommend it since it’s kind of once in a lifetime experience. It’s also a very convenient location so you can do as I did if you have a car and drive to Gullfoss and join a tour from there, it’s a bit cheaper. Or if you don’t have a car you can go on a tour from Reykjavík :slight_smile: The tour that I went on had the snowmobiles ready and we got warm overalls and all the other necessary equipment so it wars really convenient.


Hey Emilie,

I did my snowmobiling tour in Akureyri and loved it. While it is not the same experience as going on a glacier, its still really, really fun. Instead, you are shooting across the snow of a field in the area of Súlumýrar. The views are still very pretty, and there were lots of little hills you could do these little hops off, which was really good fun. It doesn’t take long, so on this day, I combined it with a whale watching tour and a walk through the town - I even had time to visit a couple of museums. I think that that is one of the best things about snowmobiling altogether - its exhilarating, adventurous, introduces you to great scenery, and when its complete, you are fully satisfied but still have not eaten very much into your day.

When you book the tour, just make sure that you specify if you want your own vehicle, as the natural system is to put everyone in pairs. When you arrive for it, if you are partaking, do not forget your drivers licence as you won’t be to drive without one (although you can still be a passenger - in fact, children as young as 12 can at most locations). Other than that, everything is usually provided, no matter where you are; this includes helmets, gloves and overalls. Of course, dress warm anyway, as you would with anything in Iceland, and wear good boots :slight_smile: You are sure to have an absolutely amazing time, it is one of the best excursions out there

Hope that this was helpful