Accomodation (hotels and cottages)


Since Iceland is quite expensive and in some places especially in the province there is not enough choice in terms of accommodation, I would like to ask if the Icelandic 4 * hotel in Reykjavik is the same standard as 4 * for example in Oslo? And where to find really cheap and best accommodation in Iceland? I will add that I am not interested in huge rooms with 10 other people and also I want to see the offer of cottages for rent. Thank you!


I don’t think there is any ‘cheap’ accommodation in Iceland, honestly. The 4* here is pretty much the same as everywhere else in quality, but they are pricey. Really pricey.
There’s a bunch of cottages and things available at different price, and you can check that by clicking here

You could also check chain hotels that are only open in summer. They are usually placed in boarding schools and have private rooms though they are not as expensive as the full year hotels


You won’t really find any ‘cheap’ accommodation in Iceland. The cheapest you can find are hostels (or camping, camping is actually great in summertime if you’re into that!) and in hostels you can get a private room, you don’t have to share with a lot of people.
The nicest hostel I’ve stayed in in Iceland is called Berunes in east Iceland. Akureyri Backpackers is also nice (but livelier). There’s also a really nice one called Húsey (although I haven’t been there myself, but the location is great!)